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24Hr Lockouts Enhances the Customer Experience with the RingCentral Platform


24Hr Lockouts is a leading provider of emergency locksmith services for residential, commercial, and automobile needs. The company recently leveraged the RingCentral Developer Platform to tightly integrate the RingCentral cloud-based communications system with 24Hr Lockouts’ custom CRM and dispatch system. Says Jason Naecker, Owner of 24Hr Lockouts, “With the RingCentral Developer Platform, my vision for an integrated experience for customers and locksmiths became a reality.” The rich integration allows 24Hr Lockouts’ customers to get back into their homes and cars faster while keeping them informed that a locksmith is on the way, and ensuring the process is efficient and transparent for locksmiths.

Raising the bar for customer and locksmith satisfaction via seamless dispatch experience

Getting locked out is a very stressful experience. An anxious customer wants rapid, accurate updates regarding the status and expected arrival of a locksmith. Busy locksmiths want convenience and efficiency in receiving and confirming jobs, and providing updates.

Before implementing RingCentral, 24Hr Lockouts relied on an on-premise communications system. This proved inefficient with many dispatchers working from home. It was also costly, complex to maintain, and not reliable enough for the type of emergencies 24Hr Lockouts’ customers faced.

After replacing its previous communications system with RingCentral, 24Hr Lockouts joined the Developer Program and explored the APIs available to implement its strategic vision. It took less than two months to fully integrate the RingCentral platform with the CRM system using the JavaScript SDK.

Tight, automated SMS-based communications for efficiency and peace of mind

Most requests for locksmith services come in via phone. RingCentral’s call management APIs are used to handle incoming calls, while the messaging APIs are used to send and receive SMS messages. This complete phone and SMS integration enables real-time, bi-directional communication with customers and locksmiths. All the data is then logged into 24Hr Lockouts’ dispatch system for tracking purposes.

The solution boosted efficiency while improving customer and locksmith satisfaction. “Our business is all about speed and customer service. The RingCentral Developer Platform allowed us to transform the customer experience by delivering real-time updates and speeding up the dispatch process,” says Naecker. SMS is a perfect solution to keep customers informed. Locksmiths also benefit by having rapid confirmation of their jobs and provide real-time updates.

Building deeper customer relationships

Another benefit of the solution is that all interactions are done through a single number for phone and text messages—customers can easily save the number for the next time they need help. The platform also opens the door for creating deeper relationships with customers in the future. 24Hr Lockouts is currently exploring allowing customers to submit service reviews at the end of a job, and leveraging SMS as an emerging channel for nurturing customers and introducing new services.

60% reduction of infrastructure costs while delivering better response times

The results are impressive: Infrastructure costs have decreased by 60% and it takes less time to dispatch a locksmith on site. Overall, the dispatch process is easier, cost-efficient, and 24Hr Lockouts benefits from having complete historical communication data tracked right in its CRM system. Finally, the cloud-based solution virtually eliminates the downtimes experienced by the previous solution.

Source: RingCentral

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