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Avoiding a Locksmith Scam

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Living in a thriving metropolis has many benefits – culture, diversity, and an abundance of services whenever you need them. So, finding an emergency locksmith at any hour of the night is simple. But finding a trustworthy emergency locksmith can be more difficult. It’s highly unfortunate, but the locksmith industry attracts its share of scams, most often by charging exceedingly high prices when you are most vulnerable. 24Hr Lockouts is a reputable and trustworthy emergency locksmith, and you should put our phone number into your smart phone as you read this. At the same time, we offer you these tips to protect yourself from scammers.

Double Check the Name and Address of the Locksmith

If you have searched the Internet for a locksmith company, and the one you are thinking of calling doesn’t list a street address, you may want to look further. In this age of mobile devices and mobile offices, the lack of a street address does not always indicate a scam. But, the website should offer various ways to contact and verify the service. If the company does post a street address, check it out on Google Street View. You may be surprised to find a vacant lot.

Another way to verify the credibility of a locksmith that doesn’t have a physical address is to inquire about licensing. All of the locksmiths that 24Hr Lockouts dispatches sign contracts stating they will maintain their licensing at all times.

Don’t hire a locksmith who has no license.

Ask for a Quote

A reputable locksmith should be willing to provide you a quote over the phone after you explain your dilemma and the service you need. This indicates an experienced locksmith. If they refuse to quote a price, or if the price seems way too high, this can indicate a scam. You can end the conversation and keep looking.

 Ask for the Name of the Technician to be Dispatched

A reputable locksmith will be able to provide you with the name of the technician to be dispatched to your location. This simple request can flush out a scam pretty quickly. If you decide to utilize their service anyway, when the technician arrives, ask for identification and proof of licensing.

At 24Hr Lockouts, we put our technician’s photos, names, and backgrounds right on our website. You can be assured of who will be assisting you.

Look at Their Website Closely

Take a close look at their website. Many scammers will throw up a simple site with only a few pages and very little identifying information. Verify contact addresses and numbers, and double check the services pages to ensure that they have been professionally written rather than filled with duplicate, useless information.

The best way to be certain of your locksmith is to make note of our number and have it with you at all times. You never know when you may be accidentally locked out of your house or car.

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