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Can a Locksmith Make a Key from a Lock?

Locksmiths help a lot of people caught in a sticky situation. Making duplicate keys, repairing broken locks, and unlocking locked doors are just a few of their many services. But can locksmiths make keys from a lock rather than duplicating a key?

The answer to this question may not be one you think about often, but making a key from a lock is a common request for a locksmith. So, can it be done?

Why Locksmiths Make Keys From a Lock

If someone needs an additional key, why not just have the locksmith duplicate the key? This is a simple fix when you have the key intact and in your possession. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

You may have broken or worn keys. Keys are often sturdy and durable, but they aren’t indestructible. With wear and tear, keys can break off (sometimes in the lock itself) or become worn down. They may be difficult to use to open the door – and eventually, stop working entirely.

You may have lost your keys. Another common reason locksmiths get asked to make a key from a lock is that the key is lost. Maybe the keys were left or dropped somewhere, inside a purse that was stolen or even thrown out with the garbage. You may be surprised at how often these things happen.

For those who don’t have a spare key, this leads to a sticky situation. A locksmith will have to recreate the key from a lock.

How Locksmiths Make Keys From Locks

Just because locksmiths can make keys from locks doesn’t always mean it is an easy task. Quite the contrary. These situations often involve some problem solving and may even require disassembling the residential lock.

They may need to cut the key based on the code. Every lock has a key code that locksmiths can use to create a new one. This code is a set of characters that give each key its unique design. Sometimes locksmiths can use worn keys or even the piece of a broken key to put the code together. For some high-end locks, key code cards are provided which makes it easy for locksmiths to cut a new key. That is, assuming one isn’t locked out of the space where the key code card is!

For highly experienced locksmiths, taking the lock apart and cracking the code using the pins and their order is a way to recreate a key. And, finally, calling the manufacturer of the lock in an attempt to get the code may help. However, these are not always the most direct or easy ways to get the job done.

The locksmith may take an impression of the lock. While not a simple task, taking an impression of a lock is a much easier thing to do without a code because it doesn’t involve disassembling the lock. It takes a skilled locksmith to effectively make impressions. A blank key will be inserted and turned several times to get the pin impressions before the locksmith is able to cut the new key.

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