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Finding a Qualified Locksmith

Finding a Qualified Locksmith

The security industry has grown quickly. If you need a locksmith to ensure your home or business is safe from intrusion, you want to be certain that you are dealing with a locksmith who is licensed and insured in case something goes wrong.

Online Locksmith Research

The Internet is an excellent resource for information on any qualified locksmith. It is always worth doing some research on any service or product you are considering. Many companies today realize the Internet is the best marketing resource and a good, easy to navigate website is a necessity. However, they can put any information they want on that website.

You can verify their license information with the government licensing agency. Most have websites with search features, so you can enter their name or their license number to check on the status of the license, or even if they have a license. It takes only a few minutes, but it’s well worth the time.

Avoiding an Inside Job

There are plenty of unfortunate examples of criminals bypassing security measures, and upon a closer look, they had the assistance of someone with the knowledge and tools to make it easier. A trustworthy locksmith will always keep sensitive data about their clients private, and it is crucial that you ask the potential locksmith about their record keeping. It may surprise them, but a legitimate locksmith should have no trouble explaining to you how your information is kept safe.

Industry Standards

Licenses are issued to locksmiths who have demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of the relevant laws and that their daily operations are conducted uniformly to meet those laws and regulations. It means the locksmith has passed a background check to ensure that no one with a criminal record receives a license. It is a simple process to double check whether a locksmith has the appropriate licenses and insurance and is included in the government agency register listing their qualifications.

Another good source is the Better Business Bureau. Online reviews can be helpful, but there is a definite market for fake reviews. The BBB can give you assurance that its reviews are by real clients.

24 Hr Lockouts dispatches only highly qualified, specially trained locksmiths, who have signed contracts agreeing to maintain all necessary licenses. If you are locked out of your home, business or vehicle we will not let it hold up your day; simply call the 24-hour dispatch service and a qualified locksmith will help you back on your way!

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