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Improve the Existing Security of Your Home

Lock Rekeying Service

With just a small investment, you can make your home more secure than it is now. 24Hr Lockouts has a couple of suggestions that will help improve the security of your home, and this small investment can pay dividends for you throughout the years to come.

Install a Deadbolt

We highly recommend having a deadbolt lock installed on at least the exterior doors. A conventional knob lock is more susceptible to break-in strategies than a deadbolt. One common break-in technique that thieves use to disable a knob lock is the “credit card” method. This method is very simple. The thief inserts a flat, rigid surface, sometimes a credit card, into the space between the door frame and the door. By jiggling the door handle while sliding the card down between that space between the door and frame, the door will pop open.

You will find a wide array of deadbolt models available for residential homes on the market today with a variety of features. Some are traditional, manual versions of a high security lock, while others use smart technology. You should consult with a reputable locksmith or do some investigation before selecting the lock best suited for your home.

Rekey Your Existing Locks

Rekeying is a service that 24Hr Lockouts recommends whenever you move into a new home or apartment. But regularly rekeying the locks can provide even greater security and prevents your keys from falling into the wrong hands. Whether it is through stolen or lost keys, or new technology which can raise additional safety concerns, your keys can easily end up with the wrong person. Having your home rekeyed helps keep you home safe again, but at a lower cost typically than installing all new residential locks. You can even have your home rekeyed so that only one key will open all doors.

And if you are the victim of a burglary, definitely rekey your home as soon as possible.

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