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Keeping Your Garage Secure

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Keeping your garage secure is important for two reasons: 1) you may have expensive tools, vehicles, household equipment, and gardening tools that you don’t want stolen, and 2) securing your garage is crucial to the overall security of your home. Homeowners may have alarm systems for the home, but forget to include the garage.  24 Hr Lockouts offers you these tips to improving the security of your garage and home.

Keep Your Garage and Home Secure

Of course, locks are a basic method of securing the space. However, nimble burglars can defeat them. For the side door that leads into the garage, whether it is inside or outside the house, a heavy-duty deadbolt will be a better deterrent to criminals. In addition, some garage doors have windows. We recommend that you consider tinting or covering the windows. If burglars cannot see the valuables, they may not commit their time to breaking in and move on. They want to see what they could steal first.

You can install alarms to your garage in addition to your home. This may be expensive; however, your cars and household goods may be worth that added investment in security.

Other options include:

  • High security door locks on the entrances will help ensure your family and home remain safe.
  • Padlocks can provide additional security when you install a sturdy security hasp on the exterior garage doors. Securing that with a heavy-duty padlock will deter potential criminals. Look for a padlock that is made from thick metal and is strong enough to handle any type of abuse.
  • Deadbolts can be installed or you can force a bolt through the garage door tracts to improve the security of your home. Be sure that the bolt can be removed easily in case you need to leave the home quickly for an emergency.
  • Concrete anchors add more security. You can drill into the ground and latch the garage doors from the inside to the anchor.

It’s very easy to make your garage more secure. Make sure that all windows and doors are locked and secure. You can improve the security of an automatic door opener by changing the combination of the electronic lock. The owner’s manual should have instructions on how to do this, or you can contact the manufacturer. Add deadbolts to doors that lead out of the garage in addition to the door between your home and garage. If the garage has windows, plant spiky bushes underneath to make if painful and difficult to reach the window. And always keep the garage door shut, even if you’re only running a short errand.

Once you know how to keep your garage secure, you are taking a big step towards keeping your home secure.

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