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Locks an Apartment Manager Should Change Regularly

As the owner or manager of an apartment complex, it’s important to stay on top of the safety of your building. And your first step is contacting 24 HR Lockouts to make sure your locks are secure! Over time, locks begin to wear down, which can be especially dangerous at an apartment complex with so many people coming through.

As a trusted commercial locksmith, we recommend checking and changing the following locks at your apartment complex regularly:

Pool Gate Locks

Especially with young kids around, changing your pool locks regularly is a must!

As an apartment owner or manager, you know that the pool area is a favorite and has a lot of traffic in and out of the gate where the lock can quickly wear over time or the door might not close properly.

We recommend not only contacting an apartment locksmith regularly to re-key your pool gate, but also checking it frequently to keep your residents safe.

Individual Apartment Locks

Though it might sound like common sense, a lock should always be changed after someone moves out. It’s not worth risking the new resident’s safety or getting sued. So, what if the apartment had been lived in by the same person for years? We still recommend updating the locks every few years.

Storage Closets

Think about the number of staff that has had access to the storage closet keys. How many of those people are no longer working at the complex? Think about the number of keys you’ve had to replace because they were lost. It’s likely time to update your locks!

Main Office

Like the example above, many people have likely had access to your keys at some point. With so many important documents and expensive electronics in your office, we recommend changing this lock regularly, too!

At 24 HR Lockouts, we’ve become the preferred locksmith vendor for many apartment buildings in the areas that we serve. We’re here to ensure your safety and the safety of your residents. We pride ourselves on our high-quality commercial locksmith services. We service, install, and re-key not only your basic locks, but key cards, and high-security locks as well.

You may have other locks that should be rekeyed on a regular basis. This can include garages if your apartment building has them or a clubhouse. Put it on your calendar to call 24 HR Lockouts on a consistent schedule. We look forward to serving you!

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