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Lost Keys? What to Do.

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lost keys

If you have lost your house keys, you may have another way to get prior to calling a professional. If the matter is urgent, call 24 HR Lockouts first to get you back in. If you have a little time, you can try a few of these ideas. Then you can worry about others gaining access to your home brought about by lost keys.

  1. Locate your spare key. In the moment of panic, you may forget if you have stashed a spare key somewhere. If you are a renter, contact your property manager, super, property owner, etc. If you are the owner, think back to a vacation or work trip that you went on. Perhaps someone house sat, fed your pets, watered your plants, or collected your mail. Did they return the key? If not, contact them. Did you leave a spare key somewhere for this reason? If you hid it well, the key should still be there.
  2. Alternate entry. You may have an alternate entry into your home. Check every door and window around the home. You may have left one unlocked, which will also serve as a good reminder to lock up once this crisis is solved. Be aware that windows and neglected doors can stick, so trying some finesse is always best. Do not force anything as you could break doors and windows, and those will be more expensive as repairs or replacements are the most expensive services relating to lockouts from lost keys.
  3. Go Around the door. This means physically circumventing the door. You can slip a tool through the gap and try to manipulate the lock. If your front door does not have a large enough gap to fit a tool through or uses a certain type of lock that you cannot manipulate, combine this method with the alternate entry. Go around the perimeter of the home and see if there are any easier doors or windows that you can get open. Something like a coat hanger might have the right size to finesse through an opening, but if it is too flexible, then you will not be able to apply the necessary torque to the thumbturns and other actuators.

Call 24 HR Lockouts

This is your fastest, most convenient way to solve any problems from losing keys. A professional locksmith can generally get around nearly any level of protection that is blocking your entry. Even if you are using all of the best methods to secure your home, a locksmith excels in security penetration. When you contact a locksmith, they may need to use a form of destructive entry, but only rarely. It is much better to have a professional drill your lock than doing it yourself. But they will also have tools such as bump keys and the necessary lock picks to open the door.

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