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Protect Yourself Against Locksmith Fraud

Protect Yourself Against Locksmith Fraud

Many people have no idea that when they need a locksmith, they could be exposing themselves to fraud or danger. However, locksmith fraud is an unfortunate reality of the locksmith industry in today’s mobile marketplace. 24Hr Locksmiths dispatches only professional locksmiths that guarantee to us in writing that they have the necessary licenses and other business documents. Here, we want to inform you about some of the ways you can look out for fraud.

Methods Criminals Use

There are many methods that criminals use a locksmith front to defraud consumers. It may seem like an odd thing that a locksmith scam could cost you property or money, but the threat is real.

There are a variety of ways you could become a victim to a scam. Some criminals set up fictitious business names and use them to gain entrance into your home with the intent to burglarize you. In some extreme examples, some homeowners have been injured or even killed by inadvertently giving criminals access to their home. Other scam artists will copy of the key they provide and then use it to gain entrance when you are not home. You come back to find your treasured items ransacked and carried off.

Protect Yourself with Licensed Locksmiths

You can take steps to protect yourself. Rely only on a service that will provide you with a license number that you can verify with the appropriate government regulatory agency. This is public information, and almost all of it is easily accessible online now. In addition, double check the pricing policy. If they guarantee a deal that sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Some locksmiths will advertise a low price for a standard lockout, but there will always be additional information that explains some situations may cost more.

You should always investigate the company you are considering. Even if you are locked out and need assistance quickly, you can be prepared by downloading apps by trusted review sites such as the BBB or Angie’s List to your mobile device. At minimum, do a Google search, but be aware that some online reviews are fake. Look for reviews that sound genuine.

When the technician arrives at your home or car, always ask to see identification. Double check the photo to ensure it’s the same person. The technician should always be willing to provide a free estimate before work starts. The forms should be formal with company logo or letterhead on them. It’s even better if the technician’s name is printed on them, although these tactics will not always guarantee your safety. However, they do prompt you to keep safeguards in mind. If for any reason, your senses tell you something isn’t legitimate, simply don’t allow the person into your home. Keep meticulous, thorough records just in case the unthinkable occurs. You may need them to give to the authorities.

24Hr Lockouts works with only locksmiths who agree in writing to accurately maintain all required state and local licenses and other documents. Play it safe. Contact us first next time you find yourself locked out of your car or home.

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