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Realtors and Locksmiths

realtors and locksmiths

As a realtor, some think your job mainly consists of finding your clients the right property at the right price. While that may traditionally be your primary function, your ultimate goal is to look out for your clients’ best interest while meeting all of their home buying and selling needs. In order to do this adequately, there are 3 critical pieces of information about locks you need to be aware of. Every home has locks, and no home is safe when its locks are not secure.

You Can Have One Key For Everything

Are any of your clients looking to purchase a second property?

If your clients own more than one home, rekeying can take on a whole new meaning. Imagine how simple it would be if they only needed one key for the multiple properties they own. Or maybe they want to have their mother or grandmother’s house rekeyed to the same key as their residence. There would be no more worrying about remembering the right keys when heading out to the lake house or wielding an oversized keyring and being forced to cycle through ten keys before ever choosing the right one.

With rekeying, you no longer have to replace all of your locks to outfit them to work with the same key. Most locks can be easily reconfigured to match one key, eliminating any of the confusion or the hassle caused by managing multiple keys for multiple properties.

As a realtor, this handy tip is important to know, so you can pass the information on to your clients and help them to avoid potential frustration with their keys. It never hurts to be a knowledgeable resource for clients and will help foster a better relationship, which often leads to return business.

Strengthen Deadbolts

Deadbolts are generally considered acceptable as the primary security feature on most doors, but they can still give way if excessive force is applied that is strong enough to rip the screws from the door frame.

Longer, stronger screws are the key to increasing the strength of a door’s deadbolt because they reach all the way down to the studs in the door frame and fortify the door against extreme force. 24 HR Lockouts installs 2 ½ inch specialty SPAX screws into the doorjambs with every lock rekeying or replacement, making deadbolts twice as strong and doors kick-in resistant.

By ensuring that your clients’ deadbolts are backed by more than your average screw, you protect their investment and send a message of concern for their well-being. Clients are likely to remember that the next time they are looking to move and think of you first to be their realtor again.

What to Know About Rekeying Locks

Most people have heard that it is wise to change their locks when moving into a new home, especially if it was previously owned, but few know that replacing their locks is not the only way to do this. Replacing locks can be costly and time consuming, as it requires purchasing and installing entirely new hardware.

A much more simple and cost-effective solution is rekeying.

Rekeying is the process by which the inner mechanisms of the existing locks on a home are reconfigured, and new keys are cut to match the new configuration. The old keys are rendered useless, and the old locks are as secure as if they were brand new.

Rekeying is something every new homeowner, and therefore every realtor, should be aware of. And better than just telling your clients about rekeying, you can give it to them instead. Rekeying makes the perfect closing gift and is practical, affordable, and memorable. What a lasting impression you will leave on your next clients if you give them the gift of a more secure home.

If you are a Realtor, you can rely on 24 HR Lockouts to help you keep property and homes safe and secure. Simply give us a call and we are on our way!

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