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Rekeying Locks – The Things You Should Know


Have you moved into a new home or office? Have you lost a key? Perhaps you are a property manager, and a unit just turned over. Or maybe you fired an employee who conveniently forgot to return the key to the front entrance. Or perhaps your locks are simply wearing out.

There are many reasons to rekey your home or business, but security and safety are the highest priorities. If you move into an existing home, you may never know just how many people have a key to the door. It could be the previous owners, their friends, or their family.

Of course, you can choose to replace the entire lock, but this can be expensive and time consuming. Rekeying might make more sense. Rekeying reconfigures the existing lock so that a different key opens it, thus rendering the old keys unusable.

Rekeying Locks or Replacing Locks?

Should you rekey or replace the lock. There are pros and cons to each option, and you may think that you simply go to the local hardware store, buy replacement locks, and install quickly. However, you may not know which type of lock you need. You may choose an affordable model, you may not have the security you expect. High-end models may offer better security, but the costs can add up.

Another consideration is the number of locks you need to replace. If it is just one, then replacement may be a good choice. But if you need to change multiple locks, it can be much less expensive and more efficient to hire a professional locksmith to rekey them all. In some instances, locksmiths will charge a flat service call fee, then a smaller amount for each lock that is rekeyed. This can save considerably on the expense.

So prior to making the decision to rekey or replace, assess your individual needs and budget before committing the funds.

Rekeying Your Locks – The Bottom Line

When it comes to the locks on your home or business, sometimes replacement isn’t necessarily the best course of action. You can modify and save money. That is what rekeying can do, modify your current locks so the old key no longer works, and you have a new key that does. And you know exactly who has copies of those new keys.

24Hr Lockouts can assist you with rekeying your home or any type of commercial building. And we have some of the most competitive rates in your area. Give us a call today to find out more.

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