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Replacing a Car Door Lock Cylinder

Replacing a Car Door Lock Cylinder

There are many potential reasons you may need to replace the car door lock cylinder. It’s key to understand the details about troubleshooting this type of problem. 24Hr Lockouts offers these tips:

What are Car Door Lock Cylinders?

Simply put, it is the cylinder of the lock on your car door. They are similar to any other lock cylinder, which is a metal tube that keys are inserted into and turned. When the latches match up, the car door is unlocked. This is different than the ignition cylinder, even when both use the same key and are keyed according to the same wafer pattern or slider.

When Your Key Refuses to Turn

If your key fails to turn in the car’s lock, you can troubleshoot the problem first to determine if the car door lock cylinder should be replaced. First, use the spare key. If that doesn’t work, then it’s likely that the cylinder needs replacement. In addition, test the original and spare keys in the other door locks, the trunk, or ignition. If they work, then you probably need to replace the cylinder of the driver’s side door. If the keys don’t work on any lock, the problem may be with the keys themselves.

Car Keys were Lost

If your car keys were lost or stolen, it’s smart to replace the car door lock cylinder. This will mitigate the risk of your car being stolen. However, you can take into account how you lost your keys. If you were out sailing and the keys fell into the ocean, it’s doubtful that anyone will retrieve them. However, if they mysteriously disappear from your purse, it’s a good idea to change the lock cylinder quickly. This will give you peace of mind as well as protect your car.

If Keys or Cylinder Work Poorly

Before car lock cylinders fail completely, they will show gradual signs of malfunctioning. They might begin to give you difficulty when rotating the key, which may include sticking or the all-door locking function working incorrectly. If you need to wiggle the key in the lock to get it to work, or if you experience any partial locking or unlocking, you should look into changing the lock cylinder rather than waiting for a complete breakdown. It’s best to address these issues early rather than waiting for the cylinder to be broken beyond repair. You risk a lockout, and that can be a situation that is annoying or dangerous. If you suspect your car door lock cylinder is wearing out, contact 24Hr Lockouts for assistance as soon as possible.

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