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Security Tips for Keeping Your Car from Being Stolen

Security Tips for Keeping Your Car from Being Stolen

Your car is a major investment, and you want the best security to keep thieves from stealing it. Not every car has the ultimate high-tech gadgetry to mitigate risks, but even so, you can follow some best practices to keep the criminals away.

  • Keep your car doors locked at all times. This includes when you are in the car, not just after you get out. There are many examples of actual carjackings that could have been stopped if the door had been locked.
  • Don’t leave your car unattended. Now this doesn’t mean hiring a car sitter for every time you step away. It means parking your car in an area with other people around. Avoid isolated areas that are poorly lit and ensure that it is in a well lit place that is easy to see.
  • Don’t leave your car running…ever! It may seem ok to leave the keys in and the engine running while you grab that item you forgot to bring along, but there are opportunistic thieves everywhere. Don’t tempt them. Turning your car off and taking your keys with you, is simply another way of keeping your car secured. As the old adage goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Always roll up your windows. This is the perfect complementary task to always locking your doors. Windows are a primary access point that thieves use to compromise vehicles. Reinforcing them and keeping them rolled up makes your car safer.
  • Install car alarm systems. A car alarm is an excellent extra layer of protection that stays active even when you are away. The alarm serves to notify you of any danger, and can also help notify individuals within the general vicinity that something might be amiss.
  • Practice proper automotive maintenance. Maintenance is a crucial security tip that many people ignore. Many of the mechanisms that are used to protect your vehicle are prone to damage and wear over time. Practicing proper maintenance is one of the simplest ways of keeping your car security measures in prime condition.
  • Do not store important personal documents in your vehicle. These documents include the car title, driver’s license and other information that tempts car thieves. You always need registration and proof of insurance, but not the others. There is no guarantee that you will be able to report a crime fast enough for a car thief not to utilize the information they are given. This is not a direct method that prevents car theft, but one that looks to makes the crime harder to execute successfully.

24 HR Lockouts wants you and your car to remain safe. But in case you run into a problem, keep our site bookmarked on your smartphone and give a call for safe, reliable help.

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