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Should You Rekey or Replace Your Lock?

Perhaps you have lost your key, or maybe you were the victim of a burglary. Whatever the reason, you need to make a change quickly. Should you rekey or replace the lock? It’s an excellent question. Let’s look at a few pros and cons.

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When Should You Replace Your Locks?

Below are some common circumstances in which replacing your lock may be the best option:

  • You want to use a stronger lock in order to upgrade your security level.
  • Your current lock has been picked or tampered with.
  • The existing locks are broken or malfunctioning and lubrication can’t fix the issue.
  • You want to upgrade the look of your locks to match your property’s aesthetics.
  • You want a master key system for your commercial property (all the locks must be the same brand and have the same type of keyway for the system to work).
  • Your personal circumstances have changed, and you’re now living with someone with a disability. Certain locks can be impractical for people with disabilities. For instance, inserting a key could be difficult, while a keyless entry lock could make things much easier to manage.

The Pros of Replacing Your Lock

  • Customizing your lock: you’ll be able to choose the appearance of your new lock to match your home aesthetics or simply select one that you find visually appealing.
  • Upgrading your security level: replacing your lock allows you to choose the security level you want and even upgrade to a smart lock.
  • Fewer issues for years to come: replacing your lock with a brand new lubricated lock means you won’t run into issues with sticking, changing, or needing to replace for years

Cons of Replacing a Lock

  • Can be Costly: replacing a lock is more labor-intensive than rekeying it. It involves purchasing a new lock and perhaps a new door handle if it’s a handle-lock combo.
  • May not be feasible for all situations. For instance, you may be renting an apartment space, you may not have the ability to replace a lock on your own. You will need to work with your landlord to have a lock replaced.

Rekeying a Lock

The rekeying process involves:

  • Opening the lock
  • Removing the existing pins and springs
  • Replacing them with new springs and pins that have different lengths matching the teeth of your new keys.

The new pin configuration means that old keys can no longer lock or unlock the door. Rekeying your lock is the best solution in the following scenarios:

  • You’ve moved to a house with high-quality locks already installed.
  • You’ve purchased a new home.
  • You need a cost-effective option.
  • You want to restrict access to someone who has a set of your keys.
  • You’ve lost your keys, or they’ve been stolen.
  • You want a master key for different locks of the same brand.

Pros of Rekeying Your Locks

  • Cost-effective: because you don’t need to remove the existing lock, rekeying is often more affordable than replacing it.
  • Fixing issues with your current lock: having your lock rekeyed will allow the locksmith to assess its condition at the same time and fix easy issues such as lubrication.
  • Increased security: if you’re a homeowner and your renters have recently moved out, it can be a good idea to rekey your lock, especially if you’re not sure who has the key to your apartment or house.
  • Quick and easy: with rekeying, there’s no need to install a new lock, making the process easier and much quicker than having it replaced.

Cons of Rekeying Your Locks

  • No security upgrades: sure, rekeying is a great way to ensure your former renters or anyone else who might have had a key to your property can’t unlock the door anymore.
  • Old or low-quality locks should be replaced: rekeying an old, malfunctioning, worn, or cheap lock could end up being more costly than just replacing it. Old and worn locks might need to be replaced shortly after rekeying, costing you more than replacing them in the first place.

Consider Hiring 24 HR Lockouts

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