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Simple Ways to Keep Track of Your Keys

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Losing your keys can create so many problems. You can be locked out of home, car, or business at the worst possible time. Are there ways to avoid losing your keys? Yes, 24 Hr Lockouts has some easy methods to help you keep track of your keys. If you focus on using a little organization with any one of these, you should have much better track of your keys.

  • Use a key hook or tray.Developing a habit of placing your keys on a hook or tray will ensure that you always know where they are. Pick an accessible place such next to the refrigerator, on your bedside table, or a hook hanging just inside the front door. Keep a spare there as well for further insurance.
  • Use technology. With the advancements in technology, you now have options to use gadgets or programs to locate lost objects including car keys. Many of these devices have location ranges of up to 70 feet and are compatible with both iOS and Android. It might be an additional expense, but if you tend to lose keys frequently, you may want to try one out.
  • Sticky notes. This option is not as exciting as technology, but placing sticky notes with reminders to double check for items you misplace, like your keys, can help you as you are hurrying to complete errands or other tasks. Sometimes, low-tech or no-tech methods work best.
  • Spare keys. Of course, the best thing is not to lose your keys, but it does happen. Plan ahead and have spare keys made for your home, business, and car, then keep them in an accessible, safe spot. An additional safety net is worth the small expense to have keys made. For car keys, you can keep a spare in a magnetic key box and position it in a safe spot on your car. If you are locked out at a very inopportune moment and place, such as late at night in a parking lot, you can access the spare quickly.

However, if you frequently lose your keys for whatever reason, it may be time to play it completely safe and call a locksmith to have your locks replaced. This will give you tighter security and peace of mind that no one has unauthorized access to your home or car. In addition, this is a good idea if you have an older car. The locks may be getting old and worn out, making them more vulnerable to a break in. 24 Hr Lockouts can assist you in the unfortunate event that none of these techniques proves effective. If you still misplace your car or home keys, give us a call.   Contact 24 Hr Lockouts first.

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