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Staying Safe During a Car Lockout

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If you find yourself locked out of your car, you could become a target for thieves depending on the location and time of day. Although most of us don’t expect to experience an auto lockout, 24 Hr Lockouts recommends being prepared in order to stay safe if it does happen. It is nerve-wracking enough, but having a plan will give you some peace of mind.

24 Hr Lockouts has these four tips to help you stay safe if you have locked yourself out of your car:

  • Contact a lockout locksmith immediately. Don’t try the DIY methods of opening a door with a coat hanger. You most likely don’t have access to one anyway. And don’t wait for the friend who has a spare to your car. In these situations, the longer you wait, the more risk of danger there is. The objective is to get inside your car as quickly as possible.
  • Stay in a well-lit location. It is always safer to stay in a well-lit location such as by a store or underneath a street lamp. By making yourself visible, you look less like an easy target.
  • Call someone. If you have your mobile device available, call a trusted friend or family member to let them know you are locked out. This works two ways: it acts as a deterrent to someone looking to bother you, and the person you are talking to will know about your predicament. If you become a victim of theft or robbery, the other person will hear what is happening. If you have told them your location, they can call 911 and direct help your way.
  • Hide your valuables. If you have a lot of money on you or are wearing expensive jewelry, try to hide it while you are waiting for the lockout locksmith. Having these items visible raises your risk by making you an attractive target for anyone looking for an opportunity.
  • Go to a safe place. If you feel insecure and unsafe where you are, try going to a safe place such as a gas station if possible. Contact a locksmith immediately and make arrangements for the technician to come out and assist. Be sure to tell them to call you when they arrive, so you can meet them at the car.
  • Contact 911 if necessary. If you have been stranded in a truly dangerous location, contact 911 for help.

The professional locksmiths at 24 Hr Lockouts are always happy to assist when you find yourself locked out of your car. All technicians must maintain the appropriate licensing, and they guarantee to us in writing that they will. Contact 24 Hr Lockouts whenever you need help.

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