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Summertime Security Tips

As they pack for their summer vacations, many homeowners become a little complacent in securing their homes against burglars who never relent in their quest to improve their skills in theft. The increasing rate of home burglaries during summer has become alarming. As a matter of fact, it is on record that about 2 million homes are broken into each year, and this could be avoided by following some simple tips like these:

Invest in home security and automation systems

Improved home security can stop burglars pretty well and make them look for other homes with porous security. Upgrade your deadbolts and install audible alarms with control systems for your TVs, lights, radios, and other gadgets. With automation and an improved home security system, you could get alerts and answer your doorbell with a video chat while holidaying hundreds of miles away. Interestingly, burglars may think someone is right there inside your house, and they will be scared to give it a try.

Keep your windows and doors locked

Amazingly, about 30% of home break-ins in the US are through an open door or window. That means people forget to lock their doors or windows while leaving home! Double-check that your doors and windows are locked before leaving for that long anticipated summer holiday.

Turn off your mail service

An overflow of mail pouring from the mailbox is a clear clue that no one is at home. The pile of mail, as well as the newspaper, is an invitation to burglars to attack! The best option is to have the post office hold your mail while you’re gone.

Keep your pets at home if possible and use a house sitter

Don’t travel with your pets, especially if you have a dog – they can bark and disrupt the activities of the burglar. If you have a trusted friend or relative, you can invite them to stay at your place while you’re away. However, don’t forget to tell your neighbor that you have a housekeeper.

Don’t post your plans on social media.

Though, it’s tempting to post pictures of your activities on social media so your friends and relatives could know you’re having fun. The truth is, you’re making yourself more vulnerable to burglars. Stop posting status updates on various social media platforms about your vacation. Also tagging your friends in such posts is risky – their friends may see it and may trace your home. For security purposes, it’s better to post those pictures when you’re back with titles like ‘throwback pictures’, ‘Paris ‘holiday remembrance’ etc.

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