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Use the Right Security Locks to Protect Your Business

If you own or run a business,you want to protect your tangible assets, including the inventory you may carry. You need to keep everyone at your business safe and create an environment that helps people feel secure.

Take a moment to consider your locks. Are they working for you? Are they suitable enough for the magnitude of your enterprise and the sensitivity of your documents and proprietary information?

If there’s a break-in, you can lose a lot more than just a few office chairs and computer monitors. Your sensitive info can be lost in minutes, but recovering from your loss can take months. This can devastate your business or even shut you down permanently.

Invest in the right commercial locks to keep assets and people safe.

Keep Your Assets Safer

Whatever your business may be, you invested a lot of time, money, and effort into building your business. You spent a considerable amount of money acquiring furniture and tools that keep productivity going at a healthy pace. And, you spent money creating a space with the right aesthetics for branding and for the comfort of the people who work there.

During a break-in, a lot can happen. Your tangible items can be stolen. The safe environment you’ve carefully created can get vandalized and destroyed. Your inventory can be stolen, leaving you with debt and nothing to sell. Trade secrets, proprietary systems and designs, research details, financial data, and so much more may be stolen.

In addition, you may face a lawsuit if your employees feel you didn’t take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

Protect Your Inventory

Most businesses have valuable inventory to carry. You also store away the materials, components, and ingredients you need for the products you manufacture or assemble and then sell. What would happen to your business if you walked into work one morning and all this was gone?

Your insurance would cover the losses, but it would take you a long time to restock. It’s possible that you may not even be able to find some of the items you urgently need because of a temporary shortage or other reasons beyond your control. If you can’t fulfill your orders because of stolen inventory, you could make a lot of customers unhappy. Then they would “walk across the street” to your competitors.

Create a Safer Workplace for Your Employees

With outdated or ineffective security systems, you may not be keeping your employees safe enough. If anyone can just walk into your building without the proper badges or without identification systems in place, your employees may not feel that they are working in a safe environment; as a result, productivity may decrease as anxiety and stress levels rise.

To keep everyone inside your business feeling safe, and actually being safe, invest in a lock system that truly keeps them protected.

Have Greater Peace of Mind

When you’re the owner of a business, your employees may be closing up shop at night. You’ll have much greater peace of mind knowing that the location is secure, and they won’t be surprised by an intruder.

When You Need a Good Commercial Locksmith

If you’re ready to rekey your locks and install a much better, more effective security system at your business, give 24 HR Lockouts a call. We can help you evaluate your current situation and discuss how to make improvements. Your business is worth keeping safe. Give us a call today.

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