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What is a Locksmith?

What is a Locksmith?

Angie’s List defines a locksmith as a professional contractor who specializes in entry systems such as locks, door knobs, and other security features.

While locksmiths once dealt almost solely with locks, keys, and safes, security innovations and technological advances have expanded the scope of the profession to include far more than most people realize. Locksmiths have to be knowledgeable about everything security related, from traditional deadbolts and doorknobs to high-tech burglar alarms and digital access systems.

People seldom realize just how integral a locksmith’s job is to their daily lives, taking for granted the countless doors they walk through each day and all the different locks and keys that protect their homes, cars, and possessions. Without locksmiths, we would lack the basic security we have all become so accustomed to having. But before diving into all that locksmiths do these days, let’s take a look at their role throughout history.

What Do Locksmiths Do?

There are only a few circumstances in which the average person thinks to call a locksmith. Generally, the most common times are when you are locked out of your car or house and when you need to change the locks on your home after moving or due to a lost or stolen key. Most people are uninformed when it comes to the broad spectrum of services a locksmith can offer and have no idea that modern-day locksmiths are trained to be security experts as well.

There are three main types of locksmiths: residential, auto, and commercial. Each one focuses on a specialized sector of the locksmithing industry to more adequately meet customers’ needs, though all require comparable training and utilize similar skill sets.

Let’s take a look at each over the next few articles.

Residential Locksmith

When someone says the word locksmith, a residential locksmith is probably what comes to mind. These are the technicians that specialize in home security and the types of locks used in and around a house. They are who you would call if you were ever locked out of your home or wanted to change your locks after moving.

A locksmith should be able to cut keys for nearly any type of lock. They can do this either by making copies of your existing key or by creating a new key to match your lock (helpful if you lost a key or have no available copies).

Residential Lock-out Assistance

If there is ever a time that locksmiths get to take center stage, it is during a lock-out. No one wants to experience that moment of dread that comes with realizing their key is locked in their house, making the locksmith that swoops in to save the day a hero for providing relief by reuniting owner and key.

Usually gaining entry during a lock-out requires a locksmith to pick the lock on the front or back door of the house. In very rare cases, the lock may have to be broken or drilled, but 95% of all locks should be pickable by a professionally trained locksmith.

Next week we will take a look at automotive locksmiths.

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