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What to Do in a Car Lockout

A car lockout is frustrating and time consuming. It can happen for a variety of unforeseen circumstances, and none are pleasant. Let’s take a look at some of the common car lockouts, and things you can do now that will help alleviate the anxiety if a car lockout happens to you. 24 HR Lockouts is here to help, especially if it’s to help you escape from a car lockout.

The first step you should take with any car lockout is to calm down and then analyze the situation. It is KEY (get it? pun intended) that you are calm and collected, or else you may rush or overreact and cause lasting damage to your car. Now, let’s get you back in that car.

Spare Keys & Double Checks

After you have taken a deep breath, ask yourself “Do I have a spare key?” If you happen to have one, then your day just got a whole lot better. Spare keys are an essential part of any key-lock mechanism. They come in handy in situations where the original key is missing or compromised. In the instance that you do not have one, it would be best to make a mental note to get one very soon.

Most cars lock all the doors simultaneously when the lock button on the key fob is pressed, however, for some older models only the driver’s door is originally locked. Many people forget this fact. Even though in most situations it may leave your car vulnerable, at the moment of a lockout, it just might be your saving grace. Ensure that you check that all the doors on your car are locked, because if one of them is open, then you have access to your spare key and you will be free to go from the lockout.

If not, then check to see if the trunk of your car is a viable access point. This is more typical for modern cars that have foldable back seats that give you access to the car’s interior. If this solution works out for you, then you are in luck and you should be able to get to work in no time, or leave work and get your weekend started. Keep in mind that these solutions are not exclusive to the scenarios listed above and that they can be adapted and applied to varying lockout scenarios with appropriate modifications.

At this point, if you find yourself truly locked out of your car, contact 24 HR Lockouts. Our specialty is emergency car lockouts. Keep us bookmarked on your smartphone, and always be prepared!

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