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What to Do When You are Locked Out of Your Car

It has happened to even the most organized person. You accidentally lock yourself out of your car. Regardless of how it happened, it’s important to remain calm and follow these tips to get you back in.

Stay Calm and Think About Your Options

Panic and anxiety are common. Still, you don’t want to call for help just to discover you had at least one unlocked door the entire time. Double-check each door and the trunk before making the call.

If all the doors are locked, stop to think about a spare key. Do you have one? If so, perhaps a friend or family member can retrieve it and bring it to you. It’s a small investment to make several copies and hide them in handy spots. Or, you may be able to have a friend give you a lift to the dealership. They can make another key for you, although you will need to establish ownership with the appropriate documents. Or, they may have a temporary key to get you in.

Contact 24 HR Lockouts for Assistance

If those aren’t options for you, then your next call should be to 24 HR Lockouts. We are known for our reliable, professional technicians, our speedy service, and our affordable prices. Typically, we can be at your site in about 15 minutes. You’ll be safe in your car in as little time as possible.

Roadside Assistance with Your Auto Insurance

You may also want to consider if you have roadside assistance. Some car insurance comes with that option. Most policies do not come with roadside assistance automatically. You need to opt-in. However, if the insurance documents are in the car, you’re still in a bind.

If you have opted for the coverage, keep the roadside assistance information in your phone. Take a picture of the card on your phone or email it to yourself. Keep it in your wallet in the event your phone battery dies. These companies usually have arrangements with local tow companies and locksmiths, and are usually able to negotiate a lower rate.

Coverage limits vary, but if you have roadside assistance it will probably cover a lockout of a vehicle. A lockout is usually one of the most affordable roadside assistance features. The cost of getting your vehicle unlocked by a tow service varies and may be slightly higher in remote areas when travel time is taken into account. Make sure to double-check all of these possibilities you might have before tossing your receipts in the trash.

Even if you don’t know if emergency lockout service is covered by your auto insurance policy, 24 HR Lockouts is affordable and fast. The technicians are professional, friendly, and trained in our proprietary techniques. Bookmark the webpage in your phone today and always be prepared for an emergency lockout, whether it’s your car, home, or office.

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