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When You are Locked Out of Your Car at Night

Locked Out of Your Car at Night

It can happen. You might lose your car keys or lock them inside the car late at night. You may be someplace with many people around to help, or you might be someplace remote. When this happens, some people will panic and immediately break the window only to discover later that they had their keys in their pocket or purse. This is a frustrating waste of time and money as well as an inconvenience. Before you panic, consider these tips to help in a car lockout late at night.

Possible Location of Car Keys

Take a deep breath and consider all of the places you may have left the keys. Check every pocket and every spot in a purse or other bag you may have with you. If you can see inside the car, check both back and front seats. Retrace your steps if you may have dropped the keys. This may be your office, home, or other location you were at prior to going to your car.


If you are indeed locked out of your car, take into account your security. Is it safe in the parking lot where you are at? Are there security guards who can assist? Would your car be safe if you left it overnight?


You need to know your location. Are you in a public parking area or a company parking area, or are you located in the middle of a dark rural road? This will help you narrow your options and decide whether you have to use the last resort of breaking the window of your car, or if other alternatives are available.


You should consider all your options. This may be calling a family member or friend to pick you up. Or it could be using public transportation. Another option is to call an emergency locksmith that specializes in auto lockouts.

After the Lockout

Depending on the actions you took, you may want to have the car locks replaced or rekeyed after the incident. At the very least, you should add the 24 Hr Lockouts phone number into your contacts on your smart phone. If you ever get locked out of your car again, you have a reliable, cost effective option right at your fingertips.

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