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When You’ve Been a Victim of a Subtle Break In of Your Home


While most home break ins are frequently accompanied with property damage and other disruptions, many criminals will try hard to cause very little evidence of a break in. They don’t want you to notice the burglary until they are long gone.

This makes it far more difficult for you to identify signs of an intrusion, which means the theft can go undetected for much longer and without being reported to the local police.

To help you be on top of a potential break in, we have outlined some key signs that a home burglary or attempted break in may have happened in your home.

1. Tampered Locks
Whether or not a burglar has gained access, there is guaranteed to be evidence of tampering on external locks if an attempted or successful intrusion has occurred. This could be as subtle as scratches and evidence of force on a window or door fitting, or that the mechanism of the lock has suddenly malfunctioned and needs to be repaired.

2. Belongings
If there is evidence that your belongings have been displaced but not forcibly disrupted, but high value items have disappeared, this is a sign that a discreet home burglary may have occurred. In this incidence it is important to contact the police and try to minimise contact with any items that might carry fingerprints or any other DNA evidence.

3. Scratched or Marked Surfaces
The most common evidence that a subtle home invasion has occurred is markings on floors and surfaces. Even if they have been really careful, a burglar is always likely to leave footprints on carpets or tiled flooring along with dirt or water markings. This can provide key evidence about what occurred during a break in and can help to identify the assailant.

4. Surveillance
If you have security cameras and other surveillance equipment installed in your home, it is important to review this footage as frequently as possible. This can help to alert homeowners to unknown burglaries and also identify signs of failed invasions and even evidence that your home is being watched or visited suspiciously.

5. Be Protected from Home Burglary
24 HR Lockouts wants you to be safe in your home. We offer a wide array of locksmith services in addition to emergency lockout service. This is to ensure the security and safety of homes and cars. If you would like to discuss improving the home security in your property, including changing locks and rekeying your home, contact us at 24 HR Lockouts for prompt, reliable service.

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