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Who Do You Call When You Lock Your Keys In The Car?

emergency car lockout

No, not Ghostbusters! You actually have several options, although the first, best option is to contact a locksmith that specializes in emergency car lockouts, such as 24 HR Lockouts.

1. Call an emergency car lockout specialist.

If you are standing outside your car in shock that your keys are locked inside, the best option is to contact an emergency locksmith. You may be hesitant at first if you have never had this problem, but licensed, insured auto locksmiths are typically skilled and trained in modern technology to get you back into your car quickly. They will have tools such as wedges, auto lockpicks, or slim jims to safely open the car door without damage to your car.
In addition, 24 HR Lockouts offers 24-hour emergency services, which means we will be there to help you regardless of the hour or day. Our services are quick and available on weekends and holidays. Even if you are in a remote place, if you have cell phone service, you can contact for emergency assistance.

2. Call your car dealership.

Your car dealership will be able to produce a replica, although they may not have emergency services that come to you. This can be an expensive option, and it won’t help you if you are stranded. If you have a service like OnStar, you may be able to contact the dealer through the service, but this may be a premium option that requires an additional cost.

3. Call AAA or another roadside assistance service.

If you have AAA, they are a truly good option for service. If you don’t have AAA, you may try another roadside assistance service, although you may be unsure of the quality and reputation. Check online reviews prior to committing to one.

4. Call the police.

Before choosing this option, remember this should be used only for true emergencies. The police can help, although they typically have a full plate with catching the bad guys and investigating crimes. Assess your situation. If you have no other alternatives, contact them and ask politely for assistance. However, if you are stranded in a dangerous place and your safety is in danger, don’t hesitate to contact them.

Final Thoughts
Why not be prepared for an emergency in the first place? 24 HR Lockouts provides highly skilled, fast, and efficient emergency lockout services. Keep our website book marked on your smartphone and feel secure that help will be on the way if you are locked out of your car.

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