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Why You Should Rekey Your House

Why You Should Rekey Your House

Perhaps you have a new home, or you’re remodeling your existing home. It’s exciting to have new paint, floors, counters, and more. You may give out some keys to contractors or hide a key and let them know where it’s hidden.

Rekey Your Home for Safety

This can ultimately cause a problem. Unfortunately, not everyone is honest. After the work is done, you may remember about the keys. After the work is done, you might notice some valuables missing or things out of place. 24Hr Lockouts has seen this happen. Because of the excitement, your forgot to have the house rekeyed, and you were burglarized.

This sad scenario can be prevented with our rekeying service after the work has been finished and before you move in. Ensuring that no one else has keys is of the utmost importance, and it will give you peace of mind and good security in your home. You may even want to take the time to install deadbolt for additional security. Even if the house if brand new, you should rekey. You don’t know who has the keys from prior work. Don’t worry about being too careful!

Burglars Canvass New Neighborhoods

In addition, people will know when you are moving in, and it’s not just the neighbors. Crooks will canvass new neighborhoods looking for opportunities. They slip in unnoticed and simply walk away with your treasured valuables. You may even think it got lost in the move. If you have not personally invited someone into your new home, don’t let them in. That’s not being impolite. It’s being safe.

With someone who is unknown, ask for I.D. and know exactly who you’re are dealing with. You don’t have to settle for “John told me to come by and check the fittings.” It happens, and crooks have the cool courage to pull it off. Always ask questions and require I.D.

24Hr Lockouts hopes this sheds a little insight on how things can be for home owners. We want you to be aware about the potential for theft that comes with being lax with keys. Be safe and sound in your new home. Our locksmith service can come out and do a complimentary walk-through of your home to offer advice and affordable ideas for added security.

Our primary objective is your safety and peace of mind. The best line of defense is knowing what can happen. Those who lack that knowledge can be taken advantage of and never realize it.

We wish you many happy times in your new home! Contact 24Hr Lockouts when you decide to rekey your house. We are reputable and reliable as well as quick and responsive!

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