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Why Your Key Doesn’t Turn in the Ignition

ignition problem

It can be a common occurrence for a car key to fail to turn in the ignition. This is frustrating and time consuming, and it delays your efforts to go from point A to point B.  A variety of reasons exist for why you have ignition key problems, such as the model or age of the car.

Keys and Ignition Problems

Many car owners have complaints against a vehicle that either the key sticks in the ignition, or the key won’t turn the ignition. Until the warranty expires, cost is not an issue. After the expiration, the car begins to depreciate steadily, and owners want to avoid additional expenses having the car repaired at their own cost.

Depending on the car, you may have problems with turning the key in the ignition during the warranty period or much later. Generally, it will happen to you at some point in time. You may encounter small problems that resolve themselves with a little jiggling of the key in the ignition. This is a clear sign to call in a locksmith to assess the situation. It may be time for the ignition to be repaired or replaced, or it may be an issue with the key itself.

Some key ignition problems such as jamming and ignition switch issues are related to inferior design or cheap materials used by the manufacturers. Some ignition switches may catch fire, so it’s best to double check the moment you have a small problem. Look for recalls or other owners with similar problems. You don’t want to be stranded due to a malfunction at vulnerable place or time.

The connection between the ignition and your car’s computer is made through the transponder microchip which is embedded within the car key. Most cars manufactured after 1995 have transponder microchips. Fixing a key issue with the ignition may involve changing the ignition switch, which takes someone with training in that type of repair. You can also take your car into the dealership.

Why Does This Type of Problem Happen?

The primary reason for this type of problem is that the ignition assembly may be a substandard quality that wears out quickly causing numerous glitches. A design problem will result in the wafers jamming the ignition, which causes the cylinders to bend and stay latched in a frozen position. Double check with a professional locksmith if you experience any of the following:

  • Difficulty in turning the key in the ignition
  • Sticking ignition
  • Key is dirty after removing or turning
  • Unable to remove the key
  • Key locked in a position
  • Completely ‘frozen’ key

24 Hr Lockouts wants you to be safe at all times. If you have any of these issues, contact your dealer if your car is within the warranty or an experienced locksmith with training in replacing ignition switches.

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