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My name is Chris; I have lived in our naturally beautiful city of Spokane for 8 years, and have proudly been a Locksmith for 7 of them. A commitment to getting your problem resolved quickly and more efficiently is what I strive for every time I arrive to help a customer. I draw from years of technical background and leadership experience to make sure you have a fast and pleasant service.

Why Choose 24Hr Lockouts for Spokane, Washington?

Our company takes great pride in trying to sending out reliable, reputable locksmiths who are compliant with state and local laws. These professionals will try to provide you with the swift service you deserve, topped by what we believe to be  superior customer service no matter where in the Spokane area you may live. 24Hr Lockouts try’s to be professional, reliable, fast and affordable, and we think we know how to save your precious time.

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