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Kenneth - Authorized Dealer


Authorized Dealer

Hello, my name is Kenneth. I am from Cali, but have been in Oklahoma for about 15 years and proud to call it home. I promise to bring you the best possible service available. I know that a lockout can be troublesome, so I will make it my priority to get to you so you can get on your way. Thank you for being our customer. License #A465589

Seth - Backup Technician


Backup Technician

Hello, my name is Seth. I understand that a lockout can be troublesome and I make getting to you my main priority. I pride myself on not causing damage and keeping your property and family safe. I can provide quality work without damage from destructive entry. Calling us will assure you that the job will be done right. My family and I appreciate your business and are thankful to have you as our customer. Licence#A467220

24/7 Emergency Locksmith for Tulsa, Oklahoma

In a perfect world, you would only call a locksmith for scheduled events, such as rekeying the locks in your new home. But in the real world, lockout emergencies can happen at any time of the day. When this happens to you, and you find yourself locked out, it’s good to know that 24 Hr Lockouts servicing Tulsa is standing by to come to the rescue.

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