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Privacy Policy

Gathering and Using Personal Data

24 HR Lockouts appreciates your business, and we are here to serve you. Please review our Privacy Policy outlined here. When you visit, navigate, and communicate with us over our website, we will not collect your personal data unless you give us that data voluntarily. Any non-public data that you give to us through our website will be used only for the purpose that is stated on the page from which it is gathered. (In some instances, and in all cases where required by regulations or mandate, you can update the data you provide to us by sending 24 HR Lockouts an email. If you have created a personal profile with 24 HR Lockouts, you can update that profile online. You can find more information on the individual pages where information is collected.) 24 HR Lockouts will not sell, transmit, license or disclose this information outside of our company and our affiliated companies unless: 1) you give 24 HR Lockouts express permission, 2) a locksmith sent by 24 HR Lockouts needs the information to perform certain functions to complete a job, 3) laws or regulations require us to disclose the information. In all instances, 24 HR Lockouts will disclose the data consistent with applicable regulations and laws, and we will require the recipient to protect that data and use it only for the express purpose for which the information was provided.

We consider “personal information” to be any of the following: name, address, Social Security number, email address or telephone number. In addition, we may occasionally request personal information through our sites to deliver materials that you request, respond to your inquiries, or deliver a product or service.

Your Email

24 HR Lockouts welcomes your questions or comments regarding our website, and you will find email text boxes for that purpose. We will share your questions and comments with our customer service representatives and those individuals most capable of answering your questions or addressing your concerns.

Also, please be aware that your email can be accessed and viewed by other online users without your permission or knowledge, while in transmission to us. This is true for most non-encrypted emails. Because of this, please do not email personal data to use that you wish to keep confidential. Please use a non-cellular telephone for these circumstances using the phone numbers found on our website.

Some pages on the 24 HR Lockouts website has special provisions for a more secure online environment for exchanging information with you. These pages contain the appropriate instructions for this type of communication.

Other Information: “Tags” and “Cookies”

When you visit a 24 HR Lockouts website, we collect certain data that does not personally identify you, but provides us with “usage data,” including the number of visitors and which pages receive the most visits. This information helps us analyze and improve the useful functionality of our sites.

As with most business websites, we may use “cookie” technology. A “cookie” is a bit of data that the website sends to your browser when you visit that website. A “cookie” has no ability to access information located on your computer, nor can a “cookie” instruct your computer to perform any function. By assigning this unique data bit to each website visitor, the website recognizes repeat users, tracks navigation patters, and ultimately better serves each customer who returns to our website. “Cookies” do no extract personal information, such as your name and address.

In addition, we may use “client-side page tagging,” which is code that each page uses to log certain information about the page and the visitor to that page, when your web browser displays it. “Tagging” is frequently used by commercial and business websites. “Tagging” results in the JavaScript program running on your computer; however, it provides data only about the page you are visiting and being displayed on your browser. “Tagging” will not read your data files or execute any other programs. Tagging does not extract personal information, such as your name and address. You may prevent “tagging” by disabling JavaScript in your browser, but doing so may limit your usage of all functions on the 24HR Lockouts website.

Linking to Other Sites

24 HR Lockouts may occasionally provide links to other websites that are not owned or controlled by us, but that we may think are useful or of interest to our customers. We cannot be responsible for the privacy practices, content, or accuracy of those other websites. In addition, a link to other websites does not constitute or imply a 24 HR Lockouts endorsement of those other websites, the services or products listed on those sites, or any other material displayed by them.


24 HR Lockouts has adopted stringent security standards, and we adhere to those standards to protect non-public data on 24 HR Lockouts.com from unauthorized or accidental disclosure or access. Some of the safeguards that we have developed for our website are technical, administrative, and physical barriers to form a protective firewall around the data stored on the 24 HR Lockouts website. We periodically perform simulated intrusion tests on our website, and we have adopted a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Changes to This Statement

24 HR Lockouts may make changes to this statement occasionally when we make updates. The privacy policy version date will also be updated to reflect that a change has been made. You will find this date at the bottom of this policy. We encourage our customers to periodically reread our privacy policies to remain up-to-date on changes that may impact them. This statement is not intended to, nor does it create, any contractual or other legal rights in or on behalf of any party.