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“Man JASON was sooooo awesome… incredibly courteous, incredibly kind and knew exactly what he was doing and how to do it. Their pricing is absolutely incredible. I definitely recommend contacting this company and asking to have JASON service you. If you have a lockout of a car or a Home. Mine was my house. Thanks Jason 👍😁”

Matthew Roberson

“These guys were great! I was resently locked out of my car and these guys arrived quickly and knew exactly how to get me back into my car and on the road. Very professional”

Travis P.

“Called the switchboard and asked for a quote. As i had locked my keys in my car. Gave make and model. Was a much more reasonable price than the other places I called,as it is Sunday. Thete was not an extra cost for it being a Sunday!!. I was booked with Jackson. Told he would be approximately 15 min to arrive. Within 15 min Jackson arrived. He was extremely friendly. Very efficient and FAST. I will recommend on Facebook if anyone should need this service!”

Josephine B.

“Got locked out of my car at 3:00 am after a long night of…well never mind. And it was raining. Basically the worst situation imaginable. I called 24 hour lockout and Josh responded to my call quickly and was super friendly, despite the fact I dragged him out of bed to come out in the rain to help me. I have since used them on a couple of occasions to re-key locks at my home and my business. Great service and great people”

Jacob R.
Denver, CO

“This company is amazing! I called them at 10:30pm and they arrived by 10:50pm. The technician was very friendly and skilled. I was concerned because of all the bad reviews and rip offs but I was desperate. I was sure to clarify the price with the dispatcher as she told me it would cost $20 to come out and then as little as $15 for labor for a total of $35. I asked her what’s the max and she said $65. I took a risk and hoped they would honor their quote and they did. The technician Kenneth was the person that came out for me. He looked decent and safe so I did not feel unsafe to have a male in my house late at night as a single woman. The door was difficult to open because apparently two locks had broken off inside the door. Kenneth had the door open in 30 minutes and took another 20 minutes to removed the other problem lock, for a total of 50 minutes on the job. True to their quote, he only charged me $65 and I was surprised it wasn’t more because it was a difficult job. I know they had a lot of negative reviews in the past but based on my 5 star experience, it seems they have cleaned up their act.”

Grace B.
Bixby, OK

“I have to say, I was incredibly worried when I called this company without reading the reviews. We had just come home after a weekend out of town to find out that our keyless entry through our front door had a low battery and wouldn’t unlock. It was about 1130-midnight ish and being just the two of us, we were so worried. We recently moved into a new house so we hadn’t set up the garage pin pad yet either, and our garage side door was locked as well.  It was freezing, we were tired and scared, so I googled a 24 hour locksmith and this was the first result. Without any hesitation I called in and requested someone to come out. After I did that I read all these terrible reviews and got even more worried. I tried calling other companies but no one would answer or they weren’t even open. We decided to wait out the 30 min max eta we were given and if they didn’t show up we’d go stay at a friend’s and figure it out in the am. Finally Josh showed up (I belive that was his name) and he said he was the company key master. I already knew that it would be more than the $20 that’s advertised on their website, but the $ didn’t matter at that point (it was $250). Josh was great, kind, and efficient. He was able to let us into our house without any damage to the door or lock. He was truly amazing. I did make it a point to mention to him that I was really worried because the reviews were so negative. He informed me that he was aware of the reviews and that it is his own company and he had hired some really bad employees which resulted in people getting ripped off/ damaged locks/ being shady in general. He gave me his card and could not have been more pleasant. I deducted a star because the girl on the phone gave me a bit of attitude when I called after waiting the 30 min. She kept saying that he’s at our house and when I told her he’s not, she got pissy and said he is. I told her I was literally standing on the sidewalk in front of my home and I still got attitude from this girl. All in all we were very happy with the service we received at our home. If anyone is still unsure, I’d just ask for Josh. Then you know you’ll get quality service.”

Neha D.
Denver, CO

“Josh was very helpful life saver at 130am. The price was a little ouchy 195$. Knowing he is the only Denver tech the wait time could be longer. I will re-use the service though.”

James L.
Littleton, CO

“Maybe I just got lucky, but this company worked out great. I thought to check reviews after placing the call, saw how bad they were, then tried to cancel. They were going to charge the $20 regardless so I had the contractor come. He arrived within 32 minutes, unlocked my car, charged $50 total, and was super professional. Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars was for semi false advertising… The $20 is just to have someone come out, but $50 total is not bad in my opinion.”

Jillian C.
Denver, CO

“To all the other reviewers who say this place is a scam or a rip off apparently you have not had to call many locksmiths because the prices are actually pretty spot on to everyone else in the business. But on to my review. My 4th of July plans were severely altered when I accidentally locked myself out of my house on my way out the door to a cookout….I was rushing, ran out the door, it was locked, go to get into my car and realize I have no keys lol. Bad day. So I call these guys on a holiday granted and they arrived 15 mins later, easy process, pleasant, and wasn’t even too expensive considering I called on a holiday at like 6pm and they gave me a military discount for being a veteran so I can’t complain. If you find yourself in this crappy situation at least there are companies like this to come save your butt. Thanks Ryan!”

Alisha L.
Marietta, SC

“Positive. Great service. Effective and efficient. Great attitude. Personable and  professional. Negative (my novice opinion) I wasn’t expecting to pay $120 for the service (open locked mailbox – I had lost my key, so was locked out). However, in my case it was urgent and necessary. Again, “great service experience”.”

Arthur B.
Jacksonville, FL

“So I get it their price is misleading on the website, but also anytime you’re going to a locksmith, it’s going to be expensive for not that much work. I’ve locked myself out too many times to know . They were nice, professional, and fast; arriving within the estimated wait. I’d call them again if I needed to.”

Sarah N.
South Central, Wichita, KS

“Excellent service. The tech Nicholas was fast professional and made sure I got my keys out of my vehicle and ready to go. I had called multiple locksmiths before because my keys were in my trunk he got me my keys from my trunk within 15 minutes. I was so happy because you could not get in just by opening my front door and pushing the button and my seats did not come down. I tell you what I was happy I called 24 Hr Lockouts.”

Alexandria M.
Albuquerque, NM

“My neighbor was locked out of the house and we called around and could not find anyone able to help within the hour. I called 24 Hr Lockouts and they arrived within 20 mins.  The fee was reasonable.  Thanks for helping my neighbor out.”

Phyllis H.
Spokane, WA

“This has probable been one of the best locksmiths I’ve ever dealt with. They were quick, efficient, and extremely affordable. We’re not necessarily hoping there’s a next time, but if there is, we will definitely be going through 24 hour lockouts again!”

Ashley K.
Clayton, WA

“Excellent service! Locked my keys in the car and had to get to an important lunch. I called several companies and the best ETA I got was 1 hour. Called 24HR and Nicholas arrived within 15 minutes. He got me to my meeting in time. He also reminded me about Roadside Assistance and made sure I got a receipt to turn in to my insurance agent for full reimbursement so it cost me nothing in the end. 24HR saved the day. Professional, courteous, and most important: FAST! Thanks Nicholas!”

Steven A.
Omaha, NE

“They were the second locksmith I got through to, after 10 on a cold, rainy Sunday night. He arrived in about 35 minutes, which was fast, and got my door open for me when the first couldn’t. The price was less than the first locksmith, which I had refused to pay. So grateful to OPD for keeping my dog and I warm and dry, and SA for getting us in our house again.”

Monique H.
Omaha, NE

“We had a lockset stuck in the door and it wouldn’t budge. They came quickly and Micah took care of the issue. The charge was exactly what the dispatcher quoted. Thanks, Lockouts for the great service.”

Jan D.
Omaha, NE

“Great service! I couldn’t have asked for it to be more convenient! Arrived super quick and opened it up in like 2 seconds! Would reccomend”

James A.
Omaha, NE

“Sam was there 22 minutes after I called for assistance. He was a very polite young man. He had my car unlocked within 15 seconds of his arrival. No joke!!! Great service, quick response time, and a very pleasant employee. Will definitely call them in the future.”

Brandy H.
Omaha, NE

“This company was great! If you’ve used a locksmith company you’d know prices very and could be like a tow truck company given it is ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE and you’ll be reimbursed as well. I’ve locked myself out of my home and called this company before a year or so ago and he did a great job fast on time and super attentive to my situation and professional. I wouldn’t use any other locksmith because this gentleman is a hard worker and won’t leave until he gets you inside of whatever service you called for on being locked out. 110% 10/10 and I refer him to everyone I know. Thanks again for everything.”

Angie C.
Albuquerque, NM

“This company was a huge help. He was totally awesome and professional. He got me into my vehicle so fast. With a quick eta response too!!! I called about 5 different locksmith companies and no one ever called or showed up. 24 HR Lockouts was at my location within 17 minutes!!! Friendly Man, professional and caring. Thanks man I’ll be reffing you to all the people I know. Keep up the good work man. You helped a lot especially DURING A LOCKDOWN.”

Juan G.
Albuquerque, NM

“Professional, the locksmith came and he knew what he was doing, the wait time was less than 20 minutes he took less than 5 minutes to unlock the door. Very reliable.”

Andres A.
Albuquerque, NM

“Was locked out of my house yesterday. Had to call 24 Hr Lockouts. They arrived in about 10 minutes. I had smart locks on all my doors and apparently those type of locks cannot be picked by ANYONE! So it was great to find out my home was secure but I was worried he would have to break my locks to get in. He instead found a way to trick my garage door and got in with ZERO DAMAGE! I was so excited!! The price was $80 on a weekday evening which is pretty good as well. I highly recommend this company to anyone who is in need of any kind of locksmith duties. They arrived fast and charged less!”

Jessie V.
Colorado Springs, CO

“I didn’t give five stars because I didn’t end up utilizing the service all the way through before I found the key that was missing and made for the panicked call to begin with, so I can’t say I can truly rate the full service as it ended up not necessary. But that aside, I give four stars for the quality customer care I received – a quick response to my call and reasonable response time. I received a text asking for details of the type of lock to make sure the locksmith would arrive with the correct tools, and when I responded that I had actually found the key after all, I didn’t receive backlash, like I was nervous about, and wasn’t charged for their time, which I very much appreciated. Both people I interacted with were very caring of my situation, and both were very friendly. In these uncertain times of all the negative stuff going on in our society right now, that alone was very much appreciated. I will call this service again, if ever I need a locksmith in the future.”

Aubrey F.
Colorado Springs, CO

“So James from 24 Hr Lockouts just saved me. Not only did he save from being locked out of my car but he saved me because I was completely broke. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but James made sure we worked something out where both of us walked away happy. I had to leave a review immediately because it was one of the best customer service. Situations I’ve ever been in. And not only that it was one of the most human situations I’ve ever been in. He could’ve left me and my son stranded but he didn’t. He went out of his way to use his locksmith tools and time and gas to help me regardless of what was going on. I really couldn’t say anymore positive things so I’ll end it at that. Great service definitely use this locksmith company if you ever need one!”

Riley C.
Colorado Springs, CO


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