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Are Cheap Locks Any Good?

cheap locks any good

You know the old adage “They just don’t make them, like they used too”? As far as locks are concerned, that adage can be very true and telling.

That’s not to say that the locks available today are of a lesser quality than the ones built years ago. In fact, many locks currently offer features and benefits that were unheard of just a few short years ago. But many manufacturers have sacrificed quality in order to meet certain price points. When you purchase a home for 300K – 500K, is your best choice to lock it, with a $20 lock? Would you be surprised if that $20 cheap lock didn’t hold up against a physical attack by a burglar?

Locks are more affordable than ever, but what corners does a manufacturer cut in order to keep within a certain price point? The answer is quality, and if you are sacrificing quality on cheap locks, you’re are risking your home, personal items, and safety.

As locksmiths, we open a large amount of locked doors every day. The easiest ones to open are the ones someone bought from the hardware store. The tolerances and mechanics are loose, making it easy for us to manipulate them. Most of these locks are opened in less than a minute without leaving a scratch.

It makes you wonder, what’s the point? Most people will often ask for some kind of upgrade, after seeing how simple these locks are to open. The same goes for the hardware store deadbolts. Instead of being a solid piece of brass with a large bolt and “throw”, their components are made from plastic and Die-Cast. Materials like that are not enough to stop someone from kicking in a door..

So is there a midpoint? The locks sold at locksmith shops can be expensive, because most locksmiths won’t sell and warranty the cheap hardware store locks. And the cheap ones at the hardware store won’t hold up and provide enough physical protection.

If you are interested in upgrading deadbolts, contact a 24 HR Lockouts locksmith for a professional assessment and estimate. You want your home to be safe. Locks come in a wide array of quality levels. Let us help you determine the right lock for your doors.

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