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Rekeying Locksmith Services

Rekeying Locksmith Services

Rekeying Locks Saves Money and Keeps Your Home Safe

If you have moved into a new home or condo, or if a roommate just moved out, now is the time to rekey the locks to keep your home safe and secure. Even if you believe no one else has a key, it is always possible that someone has a duplicate.

Another good reason to rekey your locks is to have them all work with one key. Not all doors in a home or business use the same key. 24 HR Lockouts specializes in rekeying locks, and we dispatch trained technicians who try to be, reliable, fast and affordable locksmiths 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

What is Lock Rekeying?

Rekeying the locks rather than replacing all the locks and doorknobs saves both time and money.  24 HR Lockouts can dispatch our locksmith skilled at altering the tumblers and pins inside the lock cylinder with new ones. That lock then requires a brand new key for the new arrangement. Our locksmiths are trained by us in this procedure and will ensure that the new locks work smoothly. You simply throw away the old keys.

Other Reasons to Rekey Locks

If you are a landlord, some states require that you rekey anytime the apartment turns over to new tenants. In addition, if the keys are lost or stolen, or if you have had a break-in, rekeying is crucial.

24 HR Lockouts provides company trained technicians who try to offer reliable, professional lockout services with locksmiths who are compliant in city and state regulations. Contact us today for a complimentary estimate to rekey your locks.

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