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Avoiding Locksmith Scammers

avoiding locksmith scammers

Locksmith scammers continue to stigmatize legitimate locksmith services with casting doubt on the industry. 24 Hr Lockouts, unfortunately, sees instances in which companies and websites are set up with names very similar to legitimate businesses. In some cases, the scammers are brazen enough to copy the name of long-standing, reputable locksmith companies. This is common in situations when a business name includes a geographical location. Trying to fight this blatant scam is costly to the genuine owner and typically includes legal battles. What should you as the consumer look for to avoid a locksmith scammer? 24 Hr Lockouts suggests that you keep these things in mind.

Companies Try to Fool Consumers

You may encounter scammers trying to fool you into someone they are not if they are advertising using the address of a genuine business. Generally, they will use a very generic name, such as The Lock Shop, and then add a real address to the legitimate locksmith business.

Fake Call Centers

The problem is almost epidemic. You check online, read the reviews, and when you make the call, it’s another scam locksmith company ripping off consumers and using the name and address of a reputable locksmith. Yet, you also discover that it is a call center somewhere else around the globe. If they are evasive over the phone when you ask for specifics about where the company is actually based, consider calling another locksmith.

How to Know if You Are Being Scammed

The first time a reputable locksmith becomes aware that consumers are being scammed is when a customer calls or comes in to complain about shoddy service. Both the customer and the legitimate business have been duped. The customer believes the work was done by a bonafide, locally vetted, well established, licensed locksmith. Other clues to look for in addition to vague names and fake call centers include the price you are quoted. If it’s too good to be true, it generally is. If the technician arrives and then tries to raise the price unreasonable, that’s another clue.
Always ask for proof of licensing and insurance. If the locksmith balks, move on.

24 Hr Lockouts dispatches only professional, reliable locksmith technicians when you are locked out of your home, car, or business. These technicians  maintain all applicable licensing and continuing education requirements.

Avoid the locksmith scams. Keep our phone number in your contacts on your mobile device. You will always be prepared if you, unfortunately, experience a lockout.

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