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Becoming a Professional Mobile Locksmith

Professional Mobile Locksmith

What does it take to be an excellent locksmith? For starters, you must be mobile. You will be called upon at any hour, so you need to be available at any hour. Plus, and most importantly, you must be mobile. Very few locksmith jobs will come to you, so you need the resources to bring your services to the client.

Mobile Locksmiths

Mobility is one of the most crucial features for a professional locksmith to maintain, along with licensing. Most people will call you when they are locked out of their car or home. They need you to arrive promptly to assist. They will not hire you if you suggest an appointment tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. They will simply call another locksmith, and you are out of a job.

Creating a Professional Mobile Locksmith Business

First you need a professional vehicle. Anything smaller than a service van or truck will strike the client as amateurish. If you must work out of a car, such as your own personal car, add some professional touches like a large decal on the sides of the vehicle. Your customers are already anxious and worried, and they are looking to you for some serious help. Having the appearance of professionalism alleviates their concern and helps to promote your business as well.

Having the Necessary Locksmith Tools

Secondly you need the right tools. Mobile locksmith services are a very narrow industry, almost a niche industry. You will not need a wide array of tools to perform most jobs, which will be primarily re-entry services due to lockouts. However, at a minimum you will need a slim jim, lock gun, set of lock picks in a wide range of sizes, and a crowbar or wedge.

Communication Skills

The vehicle and tools are the hard items you need, but you also need excellent “soft” skills such as communication and excellent customer service. You need to be able to respond quickly and have your conversation on the move. With states cracking down on distracted driving, you should consider investing in a hand-free headset and dashboard mounting for your phone. In addition, you can sync directional tools or apps with your smart phone. Google offers this option and can send directions to your phone right from the computer. While you are talking to your customer, you can reassure them that you are just minutes away to unlock their car or home.

24 HR Lockouts maintains the highest standards as a dispatch service. We are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. We work with locksmiths who ensure that they maintain all of the required licensing and certification. Keep our number in your smartphone just in case you get locked out. It can happen to anyone at any time. Contact us today for excellent, professional mobile locksmith services.

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