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What to do When a Car Lockout Happens to You

Car Lockout Happens

Car lockouts are fairly common. When it happens to you, stop and breath first. Thinking calmly will help in a potentially tense situation. Ask yourself if you have a spare key anywhere. Perhaps your spouse or a trusted friend has one. If not, you can call 24 Hr Lockouts for reliable, and professional assistance. However, you can also double check a few other options as well.

Most cars have automatic locks that lock all doors at once when you press the lock button on the key fob. However, some cars still lock only doors and not trunks. Or, some are still manual, and each door must be locked individually. Go around your car and try opening each door and the trunk. If you have a hatchback and the trunk door is open, you’re all set as long as you can climb over the seats.

Do-It-Yourself Methods

If you are still locked out and want to try a few more cost saving measures before contacting us, you will need to get a little creative. You will need to find anything that can work as a tool, such as thin, rigid metal items, that you can use to shimmy the lock to unlock it. If you don’t find anything, you can try a hardware store if one is nearby. This method to unlock the door can work fairly well if you have the right tool.

Calling a Professional Locksmith

If these do-it-yourself tips haven’t worked for you, you can take heart that your car must be a secure model. Now is the time to contact 24 Hr Lockouts. We will have a trustworthy, qualified locksmith dispatched to your site.  In most cases, this method will take far less time than trying all the DIY methods. If you are truly pressed for time, or if you are in a tenuous position like being stranded on a dark road at night, calling 24 Hr Lockouts first is the best option.

Other Tips to Consider Before a Lockout Occurs

  • Keep copies of your keys in places that are secure. The old fashioned magnetic key holders that you can hide under your car still work great.
  • Give a copy of the car key to a trusted spouse, companion, family member or friend. You can also keep a copy in your safe deposit box.
  • If you have an electronic key fob, regularly try unlocking the car doors manually to ensure the keys work correctly. If the key fob stops work due to a low battery or other reason, you don’t want to be caught with a bent door key that fails to work.

Having a backup plan is crucial. Put 24 Hr Lockouts’ phone number in your smartphone contacts today and you will have access to reliable service right at your fingertips if an emergency occurs.

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