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Home Security Tips for Spring

Home Security Tips for Spring

This winter has brought some pretty extreme weather across most of America, but Spring is right around the corner. Soon, we will all be enjoying flowers blooming, opening day of major league baseball, and firing up the grill. But with milder weather, thieves will be outdoors more as well. 24HrLockouts.com wants to offer you some handy reminders about home security as warm weather approaches.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

This is so simple that we frequently forget to double check the locks on the windows and doors to ensure they are set.  Warmer weather brings heavier street traffic as well. Perhaps your home in on a cul-de-sac, but if not, more people will have a chance to look inside your windows, identify any desirable valuables, and plan a burglary. Your best defense is to ensure the doors and windows are always locked. In addition, keep your blinds and curtains closed when you are not home. Make sure your car doors are locked as well, as many thieves will search unlocked vehicles for spare keys. If you have any concerns about the condition of your locks, call 24HrLockouts to have a professional, qualified locksmith examine your locks and identify any concerns.

Switch Up your Schedule

If you have the opportunity to switch up your schedule, do so on a regular basis. Burglars will frequently try to determine your routines to break in when you are away. Leave a little early some days, or after work come home a little later. Anyone casing your home for a potential theft will be less likely to target your residence if they don’t know when you will be coming home.

Keep Your Keys Secure on a Lanyard or Clip-On

It’s most likely that you will be spending more time outside with the warmer weather. This raises the possibility of dropping your keys or having them fall out of your pocket or purse. If there is anything identifying information on your keychain, you will definitely want to protect yourself.  You can lower the risk of losing your keys while out having fun by using a lanyard or clip-on with your keychain. Ensure your keys are securely attached inside your bag, around your neck, or clipped on a belt loop to keep them on you at all times.

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