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Keeping Your Door Locks Working Well

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Door locks represent a crucial defensive barrier to keeping your home and family safe from burglars. However, many homeowners are unaware that locks need to have regular maintenance, just as other home-based mechanical devices. Whatever type of security lock you have in your home, you can follow these simple tips to ensure that every lock operates at top condition.

Ensure Locks are Clean and Lubricated

Most homeowners do not know that door locks should be regularly cleaned out with the correct tools. Generally, on an annual schedule, lubricate the doors with a dry or graphite lubricant. You can spray the lubricant inside the lock, and then insert and remove the key several times to clean out the gunk and accumulated debris. Door locks should be cleaned with a damp rag to remove dust that can clog the inner workings. The only cleaner to use is an especially gentle detergent, such as Ivory, to avoid damaging the lock’s finish. High-security locks, keyless door locks, biometric locks, and electronic locks come with individual cleaning instructions, so only follow the manufacturer’s specifications.

Make Multiple Key Copies

Whenever you have new locks installed, use one of the original keys to make several copies. Keys will experience wear and tear prior to the lock gears, and key replacements become necessary. However, as a key wears down, the structure can be altered. Thus, any copies made from that used key can fail to work well. Always keep an unused copy of the original key to make additional copies as needed in the future.

 Properly Align and Hang Your Doors

If your doors are misaligned and improperly attached, the lock may not fully activate, or they may not work at all. Tiny misalignments in hanging the doors can be subtle and difficult to see. However, even the smallest misalignment becomes magnified in the lock itself as warping, pressure, and mechanical distortion may occur. If the door is sagging or binding, it causes too much stress on the lock. This may ultimately prevent you from using that door to enter or exit your home. Ensure that the space between the door frame and door is consistently even around the entire perimeter of the door, and approximately ¼th of an inch wide.

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