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Staying Safe During a Car Lockout

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It’s frustrating to lock your keys inside your car while you’re far away from home. The first thing you should do is to contact 24 HR Lockouts emergency roadside assistance and ask for car lockout service. If you’re stranded, you can count on a locksmith from 24 HR Lockouts to get you back in your vehicle in a matter of minutes.

Here are our tips for keeping safe while waiting for help during a car lockout:

Stay in a Well-Lit Area: Don’t hang around a deserted street, especially if you’re all alone. If you don’t feel safe where you’re stranded, walk away from your location and look for another place nearby with plenty of lighting.

Go to a Public Place: Instead of waiting by or inside your car, keep yourself surrounded by people. Look for an open convenience store, diner, or gas station. You can call the locksmith and tell them where you are or ask them to contact you once they arrive.

Make Sure to Watch Your Car: If you’re in a crime ridden area or a dark area, standing right outside your car while waiting for the locksmith to arrive might be a bit dangerous. As noted above, it’s best to wait in a public place. It’s  preferable to find one where you can watch your car from a short distance to ensure no one breaks in.

Don’t Accept Help from Strangers: You may be a person who’s likely to talk to strangers, but now isn’t the best time to do so. Many criminals will pick up on you as a target right away, and may pose as a Good Samaritan and offer to help you get in your car. This might be a nice offer – but they can also hotwire your car and steal it. Be careful around strangers.

Contact a Friend or Family Member: Get in touch with a friend or family member, explain your situation, and ask them to wait with you until help arrives. This is especially recommended when it’s late at night.

When you can’t get inside your vehicle, find a safe place and get in touch with 24 HR Lockouts for expert car lockout assistance. We will send a locksmith to you as soon as quickly as possible.  Keep our website bookmarked on your smartphone to always be prepared for the unexpected lockout.

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