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What You Need to Know About Rekeying Your Home

Whether you have been the victim of a burglary, have just moved into a new home, and are looking to improve the security of your home, rekeying the locks is a simple thing that creates better safety. 24 HR Lockouts can help you make your home safer and more secure. Lock rekeying gives you a variety of benefits – both when it comes to the security of your home and also when it comes to your own convenience. If you’re considering having your locksmith rekey the locks of your home, here are a few things that you should know.

More Affordable Than Replacing Locks

While removing and replacing your locks is an effective method, it’s also much more expensive. When you replace your lock, you’ll also have to pay for new deadbolts and handles. In addition, you may need to modify the door in order to get it to accept the new locks. Lock rekeying follows a much easier and more inexpensive method. A locksmith technician will remove the lock from the door and take out the pins. Those old pins will then be replaced with new pins in a different configuration and placed back on the door. This will essentially invalidate the old key and make it so that only the new key can open the door. It’s a quicker, less expensive method that achieves the same goal.

One Universal Key for Every Door

If you’re tired of carrying around so many extra keys, lock rekeying provides a terrific way to eliminate the clutter on your keychain. With a lock rekeying service, you can change the different locks on your doors so that only one universal key is needed for all of them. This will give you total key control and eliminate the need for having to find and bring the proper key.

Keep the Existing Hardware

As we noted above, if you replace the locks, you’ll have to get rid of your door hardware, handles, and deadbolts. While this can be costly, sometimes the biggest problem with this is that you won’t be able to find a suitable replacement for them. The original hardware likely matched the exterior of your doors and home; finding another set that matches just as well can be a tremendous hassle. If you get your locks rekeyed by When you rekey, you won’t have to worry about any of that – you can just keep your already coordinating hardware!

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