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When to Consider a Commercial Lock Change

As a business owner, you want to remain vigilant to the dangers that might hit your business. You most likely have a plan to ensure the safety of your business premises, but you may forget to take care of some important basics.

Let’s take a look at when you should consider getting a commercial lock change for your business premises.

Another way to look at the situation is this: are there any circumstances in which it is crucial to change your commercial locks? Some of the answers make people uncomfortable. However, it is important that we address this issue of concern at the root.

Consider A Commercial Lock Change in These Situations

By knowing these important considerations for a lock change, you can always keep your business safe and secure. Keep reading below to consider the situations when you should consider a lock change.

You Have Lost Your Office Keys

Although it might seem obvious, some people do not take losing their keys seriously enough. Instead, they will get their key duplicated and ignore the lock altogether once they have access to their door again. This is not only careless but dangerous, especially in a busy office complex.

A lock change is necessary if you lose the keys to your office and you know that you have some important possessions in that office. They can be your business records, electronic equipment, personal belongings. This gives you peace of mind knowing that nothing can lead to a mishap as you have controlled the situation.

A Staff Member has Resigned

We like to think well of our employees. However, when a member of your staff resigns, it is not necessarily suspicious when you order a lock change. Because yes, you are indeed securing your property. In addition, you are doing it to make sure you do not suspect them in case anything bad happens. It can be irresponsible towards your other employees if you do not ensure that a disgruntled ex-employee cannot come back if they have access to the office. Therefore, make sure you’ve changed the locks on the cabinets as well as the drawers.

You Just Moved to a New Office

After you have signed a new contract and moved to your new office, consider changing the locks immediately. You want to guarantee that it is only you who has access to that office at any time. You can get a lock change request and submit it to the property manager or whatever protocols are required.

Remember that, in the case of a rental office, the property owner or management requires to be notified of these changes. Therefore, depending on the conditions, consider a lock change when you move to a new office.

A Stranger Has Access To your Keys

In some instances, people we do not trust might come across our keys. When that happens, you definitely want to be sure that your office is safe. And the best way to do that is to get a lock change from a reliable locksmith in your area.

There are many different scenarios when a lock change should certainly cross your mind. It will guarantee that your office stays secure and safe regardless of the hardship. Do you require an urgent lock change? Contact 24 HR Lockouts for excellent service and care for a commercial lock change in your area.

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