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Why You Need to Invest in a Safe

Modern safes are very different from older models. They can easily be installed into most homes. Safes are not only a great way to hold any valuables you want to store securely, however they are a very effective method to protect important documents, keepsakes, and personal items. They come in a wide array of sizes, and one is sure to fit your specific needs.

Here are some reasons you should consider investing in a personal safe:

Home Break-Ins are on the Rise

There are approximately 2,000,000 homes broken into annually in the U.S. While appliances, furniture, and televisions can easily be replaced after a break-in, you can’t replace cash, treasured valuables, or personal possessions.

Although nobody wants to think about the possibility of theft, it is undeniable that the threat is real and home break-ins numbers will only continue to rise. Fortunately, home safes provide unparalleled burglary protection. In the event of a home break-in, a personal safe will keep your cash and valuables safe and secure.

Fireproof Safes Can Protect Valuables During a House Fire

Nearly half a million households lose their homes to fire every year. Valuables such as cash, jewelry, photos, wills, deeds, and birth certificates are lost when a fire occurs. Fortunately, by investing in a fireproof safe, you can protect your valuables from fire by storing them in that safe. Fireproof safes typically come in 30 minutes, 1-hour, or 2-hour ratings. If you live in the city, a 1-hour fireproof safe will work just fine. If you live out in the country, you might want to invest in a 2-hour fire rating. Look for anything that has at least a 1200 degree F test or greater and has a UL rating.

Many Safes Will Protect Valuables Against Water Damage

Many waterproof safes will protect valuable documents and photos from water damage in the event of flooding or natural disaster. Available in dozens of sizes and styles, waterproof safes and chests are generally ranked for at least a full 48 hours of submersion.

Safes are Easily Concealable for Increased Security

Safes now come in a variety of small, easily concealable options. From traditional wall-safes to cylindrical, in-floor safes, today’s safes are small, easy to conceal, and ultra-secure.

Safes Keep Valuables Close to Home

Homeowners who want to guard their valuables have the option of leaving them at a bank safe deposit box, however, this puts the control and security of priceless valuables in the hands of the bank. Now, you can maintain control of their valuables without sacrificing bank-quality security. Home safes can be installed into a wall or under a floor for maximum protection,or they can even slip under a bed.

For even more security, contact 24 HR Lockouts and let us conduct a complimentary assessment of your home security including door and window locks. The COVID-19 pandemic has stretched most law enforcement agencies. You can be proactive and protect your family by following these simple steps.

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